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Water Jet Machining Center

Water Jet Machining Center Available for Large and Small Manufacturing Needs

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560” x 160” water jet table is the largest in northeast United States. It sits under two 25-ton cranes.
To the naked eye, it may look like an ordinary swimming pool, but our manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire is home to the largest state-of-the-art precision water jet machining center in the northeastern United States.

The center caters to the energy, oil and gas, aerospace and heavy manufacturing industries, as well as smaller locally owned businesses that have a need for plate cutting work.

From metal to granite, glass to fiberglass and even wood, the water jet machining center is capable of cutting an array of products up to eight inches thick, from the size of a fingernail up to the size of a swimming pool. The machine holds tight tolerances and can cut complex features and angles in virtually any material in a fraction of the time required by traditional cutting and machining methods.

“The water jet machining center can vertically integrate plate processing and complete work in significantly reduced durations,” said Greg Golub, vice president Non-Nuclear Sales & Marketing. “This enables Stone & Webster to enhance its capabilities, continuing to offer customers high-quality and cost-effective solutions.”
Stone & Webster, Inc. is a unit of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.